Merging Google Apps email accounts with Mac OS X.

Last week I needed to merge two Google Apps accounts. After some googling I found a lot of information, but it was either outdated or way too complex considering how simple the process is. So, here's how it can to be done in 8 short steps:

  1. Browse to Google Takeout and login with the account from where you're going to import the emails.
  2. Select all the data you want to export, specially the Gmail data, since this is what we want to merge.
  3. While your data is getting zipped and ready for you to download, get the Google Email Uploader for Mac.
  4. Go back to Google Takeout once the data is ready and download it.(you'll get an email letting you know).
  5. Extract the zip files for both the data and the Google Email Uploader for Mac.
  6. Execute the uploader, and select the option shown in the following picture.
  7. Locate the folder containing your .mbox file and press Select.
  8. Setup the upload by entering your destination email and password. You can assign labels for the uploaded emails and a few other useful options. After you're done, begin the upload.

And that's it!

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